The soil.The air.The grass.The cheese

The road to the connoisseur's heart leads through Switzerland

Nature’s influence on the taste and quality of cheese is fascinating. The alpine environment, with its clean air and diverse flora, truly affects the milk and, consequently, the cheese. Small scale is a prerequisite. When that knowledge and respect for craftsmanship are passed down through generations, the result becomes something truly special. The soil, the air, the grass, and ultimately, the cheese – a true union with nature.

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Darkness and cold, time again for Schümli Pflümli!
🇨🇭Now we are embraced by darkness & cold, time again for Schümli Pflümli. A Swiss classic among coffee drinks. Hottest on the After Ski. 


New! Swiss Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP
We welcome a delightful new addition to our selection. Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP is a unique soft cheese specialty from the Vaud Jura. Lovingly handmade


Premiere for the 2022 Le Gruyère d’Alpage
🇨🇭🏔️ Long-awaited premiere for the 2022 Le Gruyère d’Alpage, now perfectly matured after a little over a year of aging/affinage! A few years ago,