Raw milk cheese appreciation day!

1460643565364Imorgon firar vi den opastöriserade ostens dag! Sväng förbi någon av alla våra butiker för ett smakprov av denna smakernas gåva till mänskligheten (se hemsidan för adresser; www.terror-suisse.se).

Opastöriserade ost innebär hantverk, ursprung, hälsofördelar och tradition. Och himmelsk njutning. Terroir helt enkelt!

”Swiss raw milk cheese that is high in quality and rich in flavour have been Beeler’s primary concern for many years. Because only cheese made from raw milk retains the full flavours of the grasses and herbage the cows grazed on, and thus also the pristine flavour of the region. In addition, thanks to its vitamin content and low cholesterol level, raw milk cheese is much more nutritious than dead, pasteurised cheese. The additional expense involved in manufacturing and storing raw milk cheese gives a boost to the enjoyment, the taste experience and the wholesome goodness the cheese offers.” Rolf Beeler, Maître Fromager.